Let me guess, your family and friends all have a Facebook account and they want you to join. The only problem is, you don’t  know what the heck Facebook is. I am making this blog to help solve the very common problem of not knowing how to use Facebook.

Lets get started.

The first thing you need to do is go to


This is the page that you will log into your Facebook account with.

The next thing you must do is make an account. Making an account is very easy and simple to do. The only questions that you need to answer are on the homepage. After you have made an account you will see this page pop up. I have blotted out all of my information for privacy purposes.

After this you have go to the next tab where it talks about your profile picture.

After you have completed these steps you are good to go. You will end up on this page.

Here it is best to search for all of your friends and send them a friend request. Right under the welcome tab on the right side you will see news feed.

Here you can post pictures of enjoyable events, cool videos, or talk about whats on your mind. In the tab below it you will see messages.

You can see here that I dont have any messages in my inbox right now. But when a message is sent to you, you will see it in your email account and you Facebook.

The next section is events.

Here you can put in events and you will receive a reminder from Facebook when you log in.

The next and final section will be the Find Friends tab.

Here you can log into your email and social network accounts to see if your contacts have a Facebook Account.

Thank you for reading I hoped you found it very informative. I would really appreciate it if you left a comment or rate my tutorial.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask at mr.larrybird77@gmail.com